Autumn Colors

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We continue our work with autumn colors by coloring leaves.  You can see our display on the bulletin board outside class.  The students asked for the colors they wanted, saying «yellow, please» or «brown, please.»  Most students can pronounce all the colors, repeating them and some students can even spontaneously name the color they wish to use!  It is exciting to hear their English vocabulary grow!


Continuamos nuestro trabajo con los colores del otoño coloreando hojas. Podéis ver nuestra presentación en el tablón de anuncios. Los alumnos pidieron los colores que querían, diciendo " amarilla , por favor " o " marrón , por favor." La mayoría de los alumnos y alumnas pueden pronunciar todos los colores, repetirlas y algunos estudiantes pueden nombrar incluso de forma espontánea el color que desea utilizar. ¡Es emocionante ver crecer su vocabulario Inglés !

Making Salad

Today in the yellow class we expanded our normal conversation about fruit and colors to include the ingredients in salad!  It was very exciting to go to the dining room and make our own salad for lunch! First, we talked about the vegetables, their names and colors. Then we got to tear the lettuce up, and our teachers helped us cut tomatoes, carrots, and apples.  We also added corn to our salad, and finally we dressed it with salt and olive oil.  The best part was tasting each ingredient.

Here is a song about vegetables in English to continue to practice veggie names in English at home! Click on the salad below to hear the song.