Talking in the Present Simple

Hello Year 4-

Take a look at this video to learn about how to form the present simple and to learn some important rules and vocabulary.


And, if we talk about the things we do, we need to practice saying the time too!  Watch this video to remember what we learned in class about telling time!


Click on the pictures below to access the exercises and practice!




Don’t forget to leave us a commentary.

Can you describe your family?

Hello Year 4- This week we are going to continue to discuss descriptions – both physical descriptions and personality.

Watch the following videos to revise the vocabulary, and learn some new words to help you plan your next presentation!

Can you describe yourself?  Write to us in the comments section and describe your looks and personality.  We’ll give points to you for well written answers!


Do you like shopping?

Which do you prefer? Shopping for food or shopping for clothes?  Watch these videos to practice vocabulary for our classes this week.

This is a fun video to practice terms for clothes shopping! Enjoy!

Leave us a comment when you finish and say what you like shopping for and where you usually shop!  (We’ll give points for thoughtful, well-written answers!)

We are Year 3. be or not to be?  That famous question is our work for this week.  Watch the videos to learn the verb TO BE affirmative,   negative, and questions.

Now watch this video to remember the names of classroom objects.

And finally, we’ll be working with group 5 from Jolly Phonics!

Watch this video and see if you can write us a message with some words in English that have each sound!  Click on leave a commentary to write to us!


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