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Talking in the Present Simple

Hello Year 4-

Take a look at this video to learn about how to form the present simple and to learn some important rules and vocabulary.


And, if we talk about the things we do, we need to practice saying the time too!  Watch this video to remember what we learned in class about telling time!


Click on the pictures below to access the exercises and practice!




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Can you describe your family?

Hello Year 4- This week we are going to continue to discuss descriptions – both physical descriptions and personality.

Watch the following videos to revise the vocabulary, and learn some new words to help you plan your next presentation!

Can you describe yourself?  Write to us in the comments section and describe your looks and personality.  We’ll give points to you for well written answers!


Letter Sounds and Letter Names

Hello Year 3 and Year 4-

We have decided to link the Jolly Phonics letter groups that we have worked on so far.  Please watch the videos and keep practicing the sounds!


We´ll add some more double sounds next week, so please revise.

Here are the phonics videos.

Also, let’s not forget to practice how to say the letter NAMES.  Here is everyone’s favorite alphabet song!!!

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Have a lovely weekend!

Thank you all very much!

Hola, Kaixo, Hello, Ciao, Salut, Ahoj,

Un año más, muchas gracias por vuestra participación. No sólo somos un centro muy afortunado de tener unos padres multiculturales, sino que además tenéis el interés de compartirlo con nosotros.

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Es una maravilla que nuestros alumnos se manejen perfectamente en inglés e incluso francés, pero lo interesante de esta actividad es que sientan cómo suena otro idioma que no conocen y que busquen las herramientas para intentar entender el contexto y extraer el significado.

Esperamos que hayais disfrutado de este día tanto como nosotros y os emplazamos a participar de nuevo activamente el año que viene. Para vuestro interés, adjuntamos un par de artículos de interés lingüístico.

Pensamos que vamos por el buen camino:


The European Day of Languages!

It’s that time of year again to celebrate being multilingual, or at least trying to be!  Watch the video below to learn some more about this special celebration.  The official date is September 26th, but this year we going to celebrate on September 28th.

Watch to learn how to say country names, nationalities, and languages in English.

How well do you know the FLAGS of European Countries?  Watch to test yourself!

Click on the pictures to play the games and do the exercises.

Click on this link to play with more flags:

We hope you enjoy these activities!  Leave us a message.

Manolo and Lindley