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Happy Friday!  Last day of the week,  we hope you are all well.

Before anything else, let us say:

We are very impressed with your work on liveworksheets, the blog and the work we are getting in our email inbox!  To those  of you working, keep up the good work!

(And to those who are not quite in the homeschooling game yet, get going!!!!  There are things to be learned and worlds to be explored!)

And now, just a song…  this explains how we feel about all of you!  Though we are not right beside you, nothing can keep us from you!

Enjoy this message and we´ll connect next week!

Before the song, a special message from Manolo for you and your parents:

Si alguien me preguntase cual considero que es  la canción con el mensaje educativo más importante, yo diría que al menos una de ellas con claridad es esta. Con esta canción puedes “Darle energía a tus hijos e hijas en estos momentos excepcionales que estamos viviendo”. Cuando la escuchas sabes que nadie te va a parar”. Pero es que además esta canción transmite el mensaje de apoyo incondicional que nuestros hijos e hijas necesitan recibir para sentirse seguros: «No hay montaña tan alta que pueda impedirme llegar a ti. Solo llámame, estaré ahí enseguida, no tienes que preocuparte», nos dicen Marvin Gaye y Tammi Terrell.

Es un gran placer mostrarla  para vosotros y vosotras alumnado y familias de Educación Alquería.

Esta canción de Rythm and Blues y Soul fue escrita en 1966 por Nickolas Ashford y Valerie Simpson. Fue grabada por Marvin Gaye y Tammi Terrell un año después. Compuesta al principio como canción romántica  sin duda puede ayudarnos a transmitir amor incondicional a nuestros hijos e hijas con frases como: «Recuerda el día que te dejé marchar/ te dije que siempre podías contar conmigo, cariño».

And in line with our suggestion on Wednesday to get your screen time in English, why not try this weeksite this weekend?

Through this website you can watch TV in English with subtitles!

Enjoy, happy weekend. Remember,  take care and STAY AT HOME. 

Teacher Manolo and Lindley



Good morning everyone!

We hope you are all well on this Wednesday, March 25, 2020.

Instead of offering new material today, we just wanted to remind you of the resources that you should already be using to practice English.  Here is a list of the things you should be working on:

  1. English workbooks (1 page / day)
  2. Liveworksheets (do any unfinished worksheets and check back daily, or every two day for new worksheets or renewed worksheets.) Any grade below a 7 is renewed.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT: Please take a moment this week to write down your questions and doubts about your work to date so that we can answer them via video classes next week! Please, write them down as you are likely to forget them by the time we have class!
  4. The activities and videos on the blog. You can also do those activities for the class ahead of you or one year below you.
  5. And of course, we know many of you are getting extra “screen-time” these days, whether it is on a computer or a television. How about challenging yourself by watching your favorite show in English?  On your TVs and computers you can probably can use either Spanish or English subtitles.  We suggest watching a show or film that you are already familiar with in English. That will help you focus on listening to the language for the story, instead of worrying that you will miss something!
  6. And, of course, please keep writing to us at our English department email and keep commenting on the blog!

Stay safe and be well!

Manolo and Lindley


¡Buenos días a todos!

Esperamos que estáis bien este miércoles 25 de marzo de 2020.

En lugar de ofrecer material nuevo hoy, solo queremos recordaros de los recursos que ya deberíais estar usando para practicar inglés. Aquí hay una lista de las cosas que hay que estar trabajando:

  1. Cuadernillos de inglés (1 página / día)
  2. Hojas de trabajo liveworksheets (haz las hojas de trabajo sin terminar y vuelva a consultar diariamente, o cada dos días para ver las fichas nuevas o renovadas). Cualquier nota por debajo de un 7 se renueva.
  3. MUY IMPORTANTE: ¡Toma un momento esta semana para escribir vuestras preguntas y dudas sobre vuestro trabajo hasta la fecha para que podamos responderlas a través de clases de video la semana que viene! ¡Por favor, escríbalos ya que es probable que los olvidáis para cuando tengamos clase!
  4. Las actividades y videos en el blog. También podías hacer las actividades del curso un año por debajo o por adelante.
  5. Y, por supuesto, sabemos que muchos de vosotros tenéis mas «tiempo de pantalla» que nunca estos días, ya sea en un ordenador o en la tele. ¿Qué te parece desafiarte viendo tu programa favorito en inglés? En la tele, tanto como en ordenado, podáis poner subtítulos en español o inglés. Os proponemos ver un programa o película con el que ya estés familiarizado en inglés. ¡Eso te ayudará a concentrarte en escuchar el idioma, en lugar de preocuparte de que te pierdas algo!
  6. Y, por supuesto, ¡escríbanos a nuestro correo electrónico del departamento de inglés y siga comentando en el blog!

¡Esperamos que estáis todos sanos y felices!

Manolo y Lindley


Everyone is doing something!

Happy Monday to you Year 4-

We are sure you are doing many things in your houses these days.

While you are spending time at home, listening to music, reading the blogs and doing your work, we are working too.

We thought you might like this short game in the video below.  Test yourselves to discover what he is doing.


Even though you are practicing the present continuous, keep revising the present simple too!  Here is song to help you practice and with a good message for these difficult days!  Don’t Give Up by Bruno Mars.

Now try this present tense exercise. Choose the correct word in black bold letters.

­­DON’T GIVE UP –  by: Bruno Mars

When you want/wants to do something that’s new
And it seem/seems really, really hard to do
You feel/feels like quitting, you feel/feels you’re through
Well I have/has some advice for you

If you want/wants to catch a ball
But you’re having no luck at all
The ball hit/hits your head, it hit/hits your nose
It hit/hits your belly, your chin and toes
Well, try and try and try again
Keep on trying and soon end
You put/puts your hands out in the air
You’ll catch the ball
Yes this I swear/swears

You got yourself roller skates
You put/puts them on and you feel/feels great
You stand/stands up, then you fall/falls,
Don’t think you can skate at all
You get/gets back up, then you trip/trips,
You skip/skips and tip/tips and slip/slips, and flip/flips
You try/tries and try/tries and try/tries some more
And soon you’re skating across the floor

Happy Monday.

All the best,

Teacher and Lindley






Can you type?

Good morning everyone! Congratulations on nearly completing your first week telecommuting  or «working from home.»

Reminder: Please look at We have renewed worksheets with a mark of 7 or lower, and we have added more worksheets, including weekly reviews!  Stay motivated!  Do a self test!

We are sure there have been unexpectedly wonderful parts of working from home and some complicated ones too.  Since it is Friday, we wanted to leave you not with more homework, but with a link to practice a life skill that you may need more than ever in this new world order.


We figure it is easier to work on a computer if you know how to write properly.  Learning to type is fun, and it makes writing on a computer faster and more accurate.

So, here is a picture that shows you how to position your hands on the «home row.»  This is the line of letters in the middle of a keyboard (teclado) where you keep your hands to type.  If you click on the picture, you will go to a link IN SPANISH to help you learn the basics of typing.

Lecciones y explicaciones en español. Pincha abajo:



Here is a video to help you:


After you learn the basics, we think you´ll have fun challenging yourselves with these typing GAMES.  For those of you who play lots of video games, you might already have great finger control!

Juegos.  Pincha aquí:

Start to play, and leave us a comment on the blog to let us know how your typing skills progress! Have fun!

Enjoy your weekend! Play, exercise and spend time with your family!

We´ll be back in touch on Monday and we look forward to reading your comments and messages!

All the best, stay well!

Teacher Manolo and Lindley

A Cultural Moment: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


In the midst of our confinement we can still celebrate a virtual holiday!  Today, March 17th , in Ireland and where ever there are Irish populations, people get together to wear green, eat corn beef and cabbage and celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day!  These videos explain the whys and hows of this green luck o’ the Irish celebration!


And now a traditional Irish anthem.  (Aviso: coged pañuelos, que es una canción bastante melancólica.)

And now for something equally traditional, but a little happier!

And just in case you aren’t familiar with Irish Step Dancing, here is a small taste.

Enjoy this cultural moment.  Happy Saint Patrick’s day and Luck o’ the Irish to you all!

Erin go bragh,

Lindley McCarthy