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Happy Holidays!


Have a wonderful vacation everyone and come back fresh and ready to work in January!  Don’t forget to do some review work on your live worksheets accounts!  There are some Christmas activities and you should revise any unfinished work from this term.  Enjoy!!

Here is a sample of some English pop music if you want to listen to some Christmas music in English!!!

Have a wonderful winter vacation!

Manolo and Lindley


Let’s talk about your home!

Where do you live?

Watch below to listen to people talking about their homes and the things in them.

From a British perspective:

From an American perspective:


Click the pictures to do the exercises!


And, now for a more challenging exercise:


Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know you’ve done exercises!

Talking in the Present Simple

Hello Year 4-

Take a look at this video to learn about how to form the present simple and to learn some important rules and vocabulary.


And, if we talk about the things we do, we need to practice saying the time too!  Watch this video to remember what we learned in class about telling time!


Click on the pictures below to access the exercises and practice!




Don’t forget to leave us a commentary.

Can you describe your family?

Hello Year 4- This week we are going to continue to discuss descriptions – both physical descriptions and personality.

Watch the following videos to revise the vocabulary, and learn some new words to help you plan your next presentation!

Can you describe yourself?  Write to us in the comments section and describe your looks and personality.  We’ll give points to you for well written answers!