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What are you going to do in the future?

Watch this video to review when we use will and won’t in English.


Now, watch this to review how to use will and going to.

Click on this link for a self-test:

Easy English Listening and Test – Going To + Infinitive – Grammar For Beginners

Here is a video to contrast the uses of will and going to:


Now, practice what you’ve learned.  Click on the images below to do the exercises.

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Leave us a comment and tell us how you did!

Happy Holidays!


Have a wonderful vacation everyone and come back fresh and ready to work in January!  Don’t forget to do some review work on your live worksheets accounts!  There are some Christmas activities and you should revise any unfinished work from this term.  Enjoy!!

Here is a sample of some English pop music if you want to listen to some Christmas music in English!!!

Have a wonderful winter vacation!

Manolo and Lindley


Year 5 and Year 6! Time to revise…

Hello Year 5 and Year 6-  There is a long holiday weekend coming up!  You should have plenty of time to revise and brush up on some concepts!

Here are some videos to preview and review the things are we are discussing in class.  Listen and repeat for practice.

Ordinal Numbers

Question words.

Click on the  picture to do the exercises.

Leave us a comment to let us know you have done the activities.

Do you like shopping?

Which do you prefer? Shopping for food or shopping for clothes?  Watch these videos to practice vocabulary for our classes this week.

This is a fun video to practice terms for clothes shopping! Enjoy!

Leave us a comment when you finish and say what you like shopping for and where you usually shop!  (We’ll give points for thoughtful, well-written answers!)