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Comparisons, comparisons, and more comparisons

Let’s revise all that we have been working on:


And let’s revise as…, not as….as


Listen to this song.  Write as many as …as comparisons as you hear and give us the paper.  (For a bonus, try to make these comparison in Spanish and write them down!)  Don’t forget to put your name on it!



Let’s go shopping….

Who doesn’t like shopping?  What do you like shopping for:  video games, candy, clothes, books, sports equipment?

Practice talking about types of shops of shops.

Watch the videos and then do the exercise.


Click the picture to practice.

Resultado de imagen de image shopping mall


Now, practice comparing your favorite shops.  Watch the videos to revise what you need to know about making comparatives and superlatives.

Now practice what you have learned.

Resultado de imagen de image big bigger biggest


Leave us a comment and let us know you’ve done the exercises.