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Help! I’m being eaten by a SNAKE!


A quick update on the Yellow Class.   We have been studying SO MANY THINGS since Christmas.

It’s winter and it is COLD!!!!

So, we are practicing our chant:

Put on your hat 

Put on your scarf  

Put on your jacket 

Put on your gloves 


We still  are practicing the weather as part of our daily class routine singing this song:

Play it at home! You’ll be surprised at how well the kids can sing some parts of the song!

Also we are learning a new song.  It is a poem set to music by the chirldren’s author Shel Silverstein.  It’s called «I’m being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor.»  

We are dancing, singing, practicing body parts and animals.  What a wonderful excuse to discuss lots of things in English.

Here is a version of the story being read to listen at home.


Christmas Carols!

With the approach of Christmas and the change in temperatures, winter has arrived!  It has arrived in the Yellow and Blue classes as well.

We are talking about the winter season, the rain and clouds and the clothes we wear in winter.  We admire the snowy, moutainous view from our windows and we have started to discuss snowmen!

We are singing traditional carols, starting with two popular ones: Frosty the Snowman and Jingle Bells.  Here are some links to listen at home.


Circle, Star, Triangle, Square

We are learning shapes in English!  We are practicing four shapes:

circle, star, triangle, square.

We chant and clap as we say the shapes, we draw the shapes on the floor, we  make shapes with our bodies and today we colored a picture with these four shapes.  Here are some pictures of some of our activities.

We also read the book Color Zoo by Lois Elhert and enjoyed looking at shapes, colors and animals.


Here is a song to practice the shape names at home.

¡Estamos aprendiendo los nombres de las formas en inglés! Estamos practicando cuatro formas: círculo, estrella, triángulo, y cuadrado. Los estamos trabajando de muchas maneras: cantamos y damos palmas cuando decimos las formas, dibujamos las formas en el suelo, hacemos formas con nuestros cuerpos y hoy coloreamos estas cuatro formas en un dibujo.

Arriba hay algunas fotos de nuestras actividades.

También leímos el libro Color Zoo de Lois Elhert y disfrutamos mirando formas, colores y animales. Aquí os dejo una canción para practicar los nombres de las formas en casa.

It’s Pumpkin Time!

In the Blue and Yellow classes we have been talking about the season–AUTUMN! My favorite!  We are learning a poem;

Give a cheer! Autumn is here!

Down, down, yellow and brown, 

The leaves are falling all over the town.

talking about the colors of fall (yellow and brown); and reading books:  pumpkin-day

Today the yellow class colored orange pumpkins, requesting their crayons with «Orange, please

Here is a song to practice  with numbers and «pumpkins.»

Happy Autumn everyone!

Learning family words

Hello! Now that most of the students in the Yellow class are adapted to being back at school, and  can hear the word Mommy without bursting into to tears, we have started a new topic!

We are learning the words for the members of the  family: «Mommy, Daddy, sister, brother and baby.»  We are practicing the words using pictures and sticking «kisses» on the pictures as I say, «Give sister a kiss.»

We have played this game twice and most students are repeating the family names and they are able to place the kisses on the person that I say!

Here is a song to enjoy at home while singing a song about family words.