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Help! I’m being eaten by a SNAKE!


A quick update on the Yellow Class.   We have been studying SO MANY THINGS since Christmas.

It’s winter and it is COLD!!!!

So, we are practicing our chant:

Put on your hat 

Put on your scarf  

Put on your jacket 

Put on your gloves 


We still  are practicing the weather as part of our daily class routine singing this song:

Play it at home! You’ll be surprised at how well the kids can sing some parts of the song!

Also we are learning a new song.  It is a poem set to music by the chirldren’s author Shel Silverstein.  It’s called «I’m being Eaten by a Boa Constrictor.»  

We are dancing, singing, practicing body parts and animals.  What a wonderful excuse to discuss lots of things in English.

Here is a version of the story being read to listen at home.


What are you wearing?

¿Que llevas puesto?  This is the question that we are exploring in the yellow class.  And with arrival of warm temperatures, it is clear the answer is: a lot less!

While we have been using the vocabulary, «Put on your…jacket.»  regularly to go out to the patio everyday, our vocabulary is changing with the warm weather.

So we are playing games and pointing to our own clothes to learn the words t-shirt, pants, and shoes–the «informal uniform» that most students wear daily.  Here are some photos of our most recent games.



¿Qué llevas puesto? Esta es la pregunta que estamos explorando en la clase amarilla. Y con la llegada de temperaturas más calentitas, está claro que la respuesta es: ¡mucha menos!

Mientras que hemos estado utilizando el vocabulario, «Ponte la …chaqueta, etc» regularmente para ir al patio todos los días, nuestro vocabulario está cambiando con el clima cálido.

Así que estamos jugando a juegos y señalando a nuestra propia ropa para aprender las palabras camiseta, pantalones y zapatos – el «uniforme informal», que la mayoría de los estudiantes llevan puesto diariamente. Aquí os pongo algunas fotos de nuestros juegos más recientes.