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Revision: clothes, to be and to have

Hello Year 3-

A quick reminder to keep practicing English on

We suppose you are nearly done with your clothes work pack, so this blog entry is a revision to consolidate your learning so far.  Here are some videos and games so you can keep practicing your knowledge.

Revise clothes (and other) vocabulary with this fun game here. Click the photo to get to the link.

Let us know how you do–we´ll track high scores if you send your results to us in the comments section.

Click the picture below for a game to practice to be:

Click below to use this video lesson to practice the verb have got:

Use this link to help you revise material at a variety of levels.  It includes listening games to, so have your head phones on, or your speaker turned up.


Let us know how you are doing with your work and let us know via the comments section if you have any questions!

Stay well! Stay at home!

All our best,

Teacher Manolo and Lindley

A quick revision of the basics

Hello Year 4-

Here is a quick revision of the basics for you.  Watch the videos and click the links to practice!

(Pincha para acceder las actividades.)

Have fun!

Lindley and Manolo



Let’s Count: Ten to Twenty

Here are some videos to practice counting from 10 to 20!  Watch, repeat, sing, enjoy!

Click the different pictures to practice writing numbers.


Now, let’s practice with HAVE GOT (Tener)

Click on the pictures to practice exercises with «have got.»


Leave us a comment when you are finished watching and playing!