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Year 5 «Verb Rap Challenge»


This is just a note to remind you of your «verb rap challenge.»

You (alone, or with a friend or several friends) can create a rap song using 10-15 irregular verbs.  (You can use more if you wish!)

You need to show the class your song for extra points on your weekly reveiw.

This optional challenge is valid until THURSDAY, MARCH 15! That is the last day.

For some more inspiration, here is the link to the super rapping teacher we saw in class!

Good luck and have fun!


Let’s review our irregular verbs in English

Hello! Welcome back Year 5 and Year 6!

We are excited to continue English classes with you, but there isn’t a moment to waste, so let’s pick up where we left off last year.  You will need your irregular verbs in your first presentations, so practice with this song!

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