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What is your house like?

Hello Year 4-

We are going to talk about where you live!  But first, some vocabulary.  Watch the videos below:

Now click on the images below to practice.

Leave us a comment when you do the exercises! Have fun.

Teacher and Lindley

Let’s talk about your home!

Where do you live?

Watch below to listen to people talking about their homes and the things in them.

From a British perspective:

From an American perspective:


Click the pictures to do the exercises!


And, now for a more challenging exercise:


Don’t forget to leave a comment and let us know you’ve done exercises!

The rooms in your house. Who lives there?

Here are some activities to revise the family, and to learn and practice the rooms in a house.

Here is a fun song from Busy Beavers to practice the words in the house. (This is for everyone who is a fan of In, On, Under—you´ll love this!)

This next video has useful sentences and words to use when talking about your home and what you do there.

Click on the picture below to do some vocabulary exercises about the house!


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