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Can you type?

Good morning everyone! Congratulations on nearly completing your first week telecommuting  or «working from home.»

Reminder: Please look at We have renewed worksheets with a mark of 7 or lower, and we have added more worksheets, including weekly reviews!  Stay motivated!  Do a self test!

We are sure there have been unexpectedly wonderful parts of working from home and some complicated ones too.  Since it is Friday, we wanted to leave you not with more homework, but with a link to practice a life skill that you may need more than ever in this new world order.


We figure it is easier to work on a computer if you know how to write properly.  Learning to type is fun, and it makes writing on a computer faster and more accurate.

So, here is a picture that shows you how to position your hands on the «home row.»  This is the line of letters in the middle of a keyboard (teclado) where you keep your hands to type.  If you click on the picture, you will go to a link IN SPANISH to help you learn the basics of typing.

Lecciones y explicaciones en español. Pincha abajo:



Here is a video to help you:

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After you learn the basics, we think you´ll have fun challenging yourselves with these typing GAMES.  For those of you who play lots of video games, you might already have great finger control!

Juegos.  Pincha aquí:

Start to play, and leave us a comment on the blog to let us know how your typing skills progress! Have fun!

Enjoy your weekend! Play, exercise and spend time with your family!

We´ll be back in touch on Monday and we look forward to reading your comments and messages!

All the best, stay well!

Teacher Manolo and Lindley