A quick revision of the basics

Hello Year 4-

Here is a quick revision of the basics for you.  Watch the videos and click the links to practice!

(Pincha para acceder las actividades.)

Have fun!

Lindley and Manolo



Ever wonder why English spelling is difficult?


This video falls into the category of FYI (for your information) and may help to explain why English can be a difficult language to learn in terms of spelling.

Understanding the background of English also makes the case for «deep learning» of  English phonics, so that students have a variety of tools to help them master this tricky language.

We hope you enjoy the video.

This next link gives very concrete examples of just why English is confusing.

So, the method we are currently using at Alquería is a method of synthetic phonics.  For more information, please see this entry from our colleague in the preschool explaining the initial stages of synthetic phonics.



Revision Activities

Hi Year 5 and Year 6-

As you know, in our language department,  we take «one step forward, and two steps back» to make sure you remember what you have already learned.

We hope you enjoy these video «self tests» as a fun way to refresh your memory!  Let us know in the comments section if you played the videos and if you enjoyed them.


Have fun!


Teacher and Lindley


Bossy R

Hi Year 3!

After our review of simple sounds, this week we are going to concentrate on the BOSSY R!!!

BOSSY R changes vowel sounds when it comes after them.  Watch, listen, and repeat the words in the songs below to practice the sound of BOSSY R in English woRds!

Enjoy! Teacher and Lindley