All about holidays!

Who doesn’t love a good holiday?  This is a great topic to study since most people love having holidays.  Revise the videos below to learn some important vocabulary to plan you next holiday or to talk about your last holiday! (Remember in American English, we usually talk about vacations- a synonym for holidays.)

This video gives great advice for writing and talking about holidays.  Watch it to learn how to improve the quality of your speaking and writing.

For extra credit, write a GOOD, ON-LEVEL TEXT about your last holiday.  Be sure to include the answers to these questions.  You have until December 4th to give us your text.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Lindley and Manolo

50/50 Challenge

Hello Year 5- As promised here is information to help you prepare for our fifty / fifty challenge!  We will learn the 50 provinces in Spain and the USA together.




Here are some songs to help you revise and an interactive game to practice.  Have fun!  We’ll do our Challenge Test in January after Christmas vacation!


Click on the game below to put your knowledge to the test!

Let us know if you have any questions!  Good luck and have fun!

Lindley and Manolo

Introducing the Present Perfect

Hello Year 6-

Here are a few videos to help you understand  how and when to use the present perfect in contrast to past simple.

Remember to keep revising your verbs in the past.

Click the images below to practice both the past simple and the present perfect.

Leave us a comment and let us know how you did!

Teacher and Lindley

What is your house like?

Hello Year 4-

We are going to talk about where you live!  But first, some vocabulary.  Watch the videos below:

Now click on the images below to practice.

Leave us a comment when you do the exercises! Have fun.

Teacher and Lindley

The Long A sound


Hello Year 3 and Year 4-

Here are some videos to help you revise all the ways the letter can sound when we talk about its long sound – the same as its name.

We hope you enjoy the videos and that they help you with spelling!

Sing and revise as often as you like!

Enjoy. Lindley and Teacher