Great Work Year 3

Happy Monday, Year 3!

Teacher and I want to congratulate you on your excellent work last week! You’ve done great work on


and there is more to do.

We love the short texts that we are getting in the presentation email box, and we have even gotten some recorded presentationsWe invite all of you to do and / or repeat your presentation on camera and send it to us!  We love seeing your progress.

Thank you for your hard work and keep up the work! We’ll be in touch!

All our best, Teacher and Lindley

Everyone is doing something!

Happy Monday to you Year 4-

We are sure you are doing many things in your houses these days.

While you are spending time at home, listening to music, reading the blogs and doing your work, we are working too.

We thought you might like this short game in the video below.  Test yourselves to discover what he is doing.


Even though you are practicing the present continuous, keep revising the present simple too!  Here is song to help you practice and with a good message for these difficult days!  Don’t Give Up by Bruno Mars.

Now try this present tense exercise. Choose the correct word in black bold letters.

­­DON’T GIVE UP –  by: Bruno Mars

When you want/wants to do something that’s new
And it seem/seems really, really hard to do
You feel/feels like quitting, you feel/feels you’re through
Well I have/has some advice for you

If you want/wants to catch a ball
But you’re having no luck at all
The ball hit/hits your head, it hit/hits your nose
It hit/hits your belly, your chin and toes
Well, try and try and try again
Keep on trying and soon end
You put/puts your hands out in the air
You’ll catch the ball
Yes this I swear/swears

You got yourself roller skates
You put/puts them on and you feel/feels great
You stand/stands up, then you fall/falls,
Don’t think you can skate at all
You get/gets back up, then you trip/trips,
You skip/skips and tip/tips and slip/slips, and flip/flips
You try/tries and try/tries and try/tries some more
And soon you’re skating across the floor

Happy Monday.

All the best,

Teacher and Lindley






Today is WMD! Do you know what that is?

Hi Year 5-

Here is a curious fact for you:

March 23rd is World Meteorological Day.

Do you know what Meteorology is?

Here is a listening exercise about WMD.  Click the picture to find out about this international day related to weather.

Try to test yourself and listen without reading the article.  Listen several times and see what you understand.

Now click this picture to see how much you remember about the audio clip.

How did you do?  Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

Do you want to know more about this quirky international holiday? Follow this link to the World Meteorological Organization to learn more about the weather and protecting our environment.

Can you remember how to talk about weather in general in English?

Watch these videos for a revision!

Now you can practice doing a weather exercise by clicking here!  Let know how you are doing with these exercises!

What’s your favorite weather?  Let us know in your blog comments! Have a great Monday!

All our best, Teacher and Lindley

English in the News

Good morning Year 6- We hope you had a restful weekend!
Let’s talk about something that isn’t COVID19!
We thought we would start the morning with a «real life» activity for you.  In our connected world of screens, phones and computers, we want to share a bit of news with you about old technology and what is happening to it!
Click the picture below to read an article about PAY PHONES IN NEW YORK CITY.  Do you even know what pay phones are?  Do you recognize the picture? 
Read what is in the news about  them, then challenge yourself in the next link to test how well you have understood the REAL news article.

Let us know if this exercise was easy or difficult for you by leaving a comment in the space below.  Have you ever used a pay phone? Have you got a mobile phone?  Let us know!
Happy Monday!