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All about holidays!

Who doesn’t love a good holiday?  This is a great topic to study since most people love having holidays.  Revise the videos below to learn some important vocabulary to plan you next holiday or to talk about your last holiday! (Remember in American English, we usually talk about vacations- a synonym for holidays.)

This video gives great advice for writing and talking about holidays.  Watch it to learn how to improve the quality of your speaking and writing.

For extra credit, write a GOOD, ON-LEVEL TEXT about your last holiday.  Be sure to include the answers to these questions.  You have until December 4th to give us your text.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Lindley and Manolo

Happy Holidays!


Have a wonderful vacation everyone and come back fresh and ready to work in January!  Don’t forget to do some review work on your live worksheets accounts!  There are some Christmas activities and you should revise any unfinished work from this term.  Enjoy!!

Here is a sample of some English pop music if you want to listen to some Christmas music in English!!!

Have a wonderful winter vacation!

Manolo and Lindley


Happy Holidays!!!


Here are a few activities to enjoy the vocabulary and sounds of the season!  Have a wonderful holiday rest and we look forward to seeing you in the new year!

How much do you know about the man in RED?  Click below to take a quiz and find out!



Read and listen to a traditional  song sung every December 31st!  Happy New Year!


See you next year!