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Celebrating the Mediterranean

Culture Week!!!  The glorious mid-term celebration each year at Alquería that allows the language department a unique opportunity to stop concentrating on language learning and to dig deeper into other topics using our target languages.

As you all know now, our theme this year was the Mediterranean region, and specifically learning about the geography of the area.  We covered the same general content in each grade but increased the amount and complexity of the knowledge in each year group.

We began discussing what we know about the sea, linking back to last year’s culture week in which we learned about water!  We recapped how much water is on the earth, discussed the major differences between ocean and seas, and finally we drilled down on the unique features of the Mediterranean.  We put special emphasis on being able to name, recognize and pronounce (in English) the continents the sea touches, and the countries on each continent.  We discussed the island nations, the “doors” to the sea and differentiated between the natural connections (like the Straits of Gibraltar and the Bosporus) as compared to the manmade Suez Canal.

To help consolidate this learning that began prior to Culture Week, this week brought the surprise of messages in bottles that had travelled across the Mediterranean to our classes.

While each class had different guesses to what the bottles might contain (treasure maps? Love letters?) actually each bottle had a different challenge related to the geography and trivia about the region for the teams to answer.  The challenge was made more interesting due to the hourglass (sandglass)! They kids collaborated on each challenge and solved them with great enthusiasm as you can see in the photos below.

We culminated our celebrations by visiting celebrities as Year 6 transformed into famous people, ancient and modern, from the region.  Each student wrote and learned their “autobiography”, created a poster about “their life” and recited it to all of the other students in the school!  Not only did they do a lot of work becoming living statues and teachers to all of primary, but they did it with wonderful energy and excitement!  Here are some photos so you can enjoy our living museum too!

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Congratulations Alquería on your wonderful work this week!


¡¡¡La Semana Cultural !!! La gloriosa celebración en la mitad del segundo trimestre en Alquería que brinda al departamento de idiomas una oportunidad única para dejar de concentrarse en el aprendizaje de idiomas en sí y profundizar en otros temas utilizando, en este caso inglés como idioma de comunicación.

Como todos sabéis, nuestro tema de este año fue la región mediterránea, y concretamente aprender sobre la geografía de la zona. Trabajamos el mismo contenido general en cada curso, pero aumentamos la cantidad y complejidad del conocimiento acorde con la edad de cada grupo. Comenzamos hablando de lo que sabemos ya sobre el mar, ¡vinculándonos a la semana cultural del año pasado en la que aprendimos sobre el agua! Recapitulamos cuánta agua hay en la tierra, destacamos las diferencias principales entre los océanos y los mares y, finalmente, profundizamos en las características únicas del Mediterráneo. Ponemos especial énfasis en poder nombrar, reconocer y pronunciar (en inglés) los continentes que toca el mar y los países de cada continente. Hablamos de las naciones insulares, las «puertas» al mar y diferenciamos entre las conexiones naturales (como el Estrecho de Gibraltar y el Bósforo) en comparación con el Canal de Suez que fue hecho por los hombres. Para ayudar a consolidar este aprendizaje que comenzó antes de la Semana de la Cultural, esta semana trajó a nuestras clases la sorpresa de mensajes en botellas que habían viajado por el Mediterráneo.

Si bien cada clase tenía diferentes suposiciones sobre lo que podrían contener las botellas (¿mapas del tesoro? ¿cartas de amor?) en realidad cada botella tenía un desafío diferente relacionado con la geografía y hechos interesantes sobre la región para que los equipos respondieran. ¡El desafío se hizo más interesante debido al reloj de arena! Afrontaron cada reto de manera colaborativa y con ganas que se puede apreciar en las fotos.

Culminamos nuestras celebraciones visitando a personas celebres de la región. Los alumnos de sexto se transformaron en personajes famosos, antiguos y modernos. Cada estudiante escribió y aprendió su «autobiografía,» creó un cartel sobre «su vida» y se lo recitó a todos los demás estudiantes de la escuela. No solo hicieron mucho trabajo convirtiéndose en estatuas viva y siendo maestros para todos los de primaria, ¡sino que lo hicieron con una energía y entusiasmo maravilloso! ¡Aquí tenéis algunas fotos para que puedas disfrutar también de nuestro museo viviente! ¡Felicidades Alquería por tu maravilloso trabajo esta semana!

English and French Years 1, 2

Hi everyone! First of all, I wanted to show you my apologies for not having updated the blog during the last days -as you already know, I’ve just arrived to the school and needed some lessons about how the blog works (thanks, Lindley and Isa!)

Now that I’ve learned some basic steps (hopefully I will get used to it as I practice with these first messages), I wanted to tell you what we’ve been doing during these last two weeks in class.

Let me start with French 🇫🇷🥐

After having made a small revision of what they already know in French (yes! They already know some french words even in Year 1, as we have some similar words in French and Spanish (croissant, chef, chalet, gruyère… and they showed a lot of interest when they discovered these similarities!), we moved to the Autumn. We played the Autumn Bingo -which they loved- and listened to some French songs (they always ask for this one, they love to sing and dance!):

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As for English, I will only talk today about Year 1, as Lindley already posted an entry some days ago about Year 2 🙂

We have been learning the school supplies and then linked the subject with the colours. This allowed me to discover how much English they all already know!

They loved every single media we used during these two weeks, so I’ll leave here some of them:

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And this one for the colours! They love it and they also revise some basic vocabulary like lemon, apple, frog… 🙂

See you in this space again soon!






Dear families:

I am Ángela, the new English and French teacher in pre-school and early primary and I’m so glad to  have the opportunity to teach your little ones!

As you may already know, this is my first year at Alquería, so I’m getting to know my little students and help them get used to their new teacher as soon as possible.

Thus (as you can imagine) last week has been a bit of a «restart» in language classroom, during which time we’ve been reviewing previous contents in English, especially the greetings song and introductions .
I am quickly learning their names and a little bit of their amazing characters and personalities.

I’m eager to get to know them better as we move forward in October!  I will post again soon and update you on what exactly we are working on in English and French class!

Have a wonderful week!


Important Vocabulary for the 2020 School Year

Hello families of Year One-

It was a real pleasure to be the guest English teacher in Year one this week and to see all the children who I’ve missed so much since MARCH!

This week in Year One English, we revised useful English vocabulary for the class room.  We also established three rules for class:

  1. Raise your Hand
  2. Show respect to all
  3. Follow all Directions.

We talked about these rules in English and Spanish and discussed why each of these rules are important and will help us have a healthy, happy classroom all year long.

We also reviewed English vocabulary relevant to COVID and personal hygiene.  We discussed how important it is to «gel in and gel out» of class, why we need to wash our hands and wear our masks.

Here are some of the materials we looked at in class to discuss these topics.

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Looking forward to more time in Year One!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Year 1 and year 2 (si alguien necesita este mensaje en español, por favor, que me lo haga saber. Gracias.)

Good morning dearest families,


Firsly, let me introduce myself for those who just arrived to Alquería Educación. My name is Debora and I am the English teacher for ages between 3 and 8 years old. This is my fourth year at school and I am truly delighted to teach your children. WELCOME YOU ALL!!!!

Secondly, I would love to congratulate our little heroes for their strength and ability to survive this weird situation with the widest smile. YOU ARE SIMPLY INCREDIBLE!!!! BIG APPLAUSE FOR YOU!!!!

You can contact  me through this means writing a comment. It will be a real pleasure to give you a response as soon as possible.

Looking forward to getting the scholar year started, please receive my warm welcome message.  Best regards,

Débora Membrive Góngora