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Hello, hello, hello how are you naranjitas?

Are you good? Are you great? Are you wonderful?  🙂

During the past weeks in our orange English class we have been learning about TOYS. We really love playing! And learning English while singing, playing and having a good time! 

Now, we know to name all our favourite toys, such as our soft teddy bears, funny robots, cute dolls, trains, cars, balloons… and so on.

Here you have some videos to have fun with our naughty bird Maggie doing a mess with the toys and our favourite song!

And here we are having fun in our school garden while practising English.

Lots of love

Bárbara & Ana

We all have a nose!

Hi families!

We have  been working  on our unit on «The Body» for a while now.

Our little ones have been learning a laaarge number of body and face parts and we have played many games with songs and flashcards. These kids are amazing!

they have been recognizing them in their own body and the one of their partners. We have enjoyed many activities and games with this topic.

They love to sing along these songs and dance and dance and dance!

Let’s rock our bodies at home!!

Happy carnival party!



Hello everyone!

We are back at school and full of energy to continue learning many things!

We have started this term learning more about the weather and the feelings. Happy, sad, sleepy, surprised, scared…So many ways to call the way we feel. They loved it!

We are also learning more about the weather and the kids are soooooo involved in singing along and dancing around the class.

I’m also sharing with you this extra song that they really adooooore!



Orange class: toys

Dear parents,

These past days we have been learning the name of the different toys that we have and that we can play with. This is so much fun!!!! Car, doll, ball, train, rocking horse, dinosaur, unicorn, ship, plane…

We have enjoyed to play with cars, trains, balls, dolls, robots, dinosaurs… I hope you enjoy the songs at home.

Let’s go for Christmas now!

Take care and see you soon!


Orange Class

Hello everybody!

Time flies and so our kids in the Orange Class. Even though some of them didn’t know how to handle with this teacher who speaks «very, very weird» (their own words, jaja), each lesson goes too fast and they are true sponges!

The Orange Class is amazing!

During last weeks we have been very busy by singing and dancing a lot while learning colours, some actions and knowing cute animals for Halloween.

We have even made a bus in the class!


We have been learning a very nice finger game which helped us to sing the Incy Wincy Spider song.

As our Autumn Party approaches, we have spent our English class playing while learning about the colours during this season and about the weather.

We will be learning a lot about toys during next weeks.

See you soon!