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Let’s go to the farm!

Dear families,

Do you like farm animals?

Mrs  Old MacDonald’s a farmer. Every day she gets up at six o’clock and Mrs Old MacDonald usually makes her toast and eggs for breakfast…

But today Mr  Old MacDonald isn’t in the kitchen. Where is he?

The orange group  is able to identify farm animals through not only images but also sounds.Do you want to check it?

Also, taking advantage of the fact that IT’S SPRING! and we love bugs and insects, we have decided to go down to the garden to see them more closely…It’s fun and exciting !

BYE BYE! See you soon!

Teacher Ana and Bárbara 

If you’re happy And you Know it!

Dear families,

We have learnt feelings and emotions,this is a fun topic for kids.

We love to express how we feel with funny gestures on our faces through the mirror!!

In addition, they are able to identify each emotion with a color and even the actions we take when we feel these emotions


There are some videos and songs related with feelings and emotions that we have listened in class.


Bye, bye .See you soon!

Teacher Ana & Bárbara 

How do you Wear in Winter?

Hello everyone!

BRRR! It’s cold outside … and we practice how to put on our shoes, coat, scarf ,  hat and gloves…It’s a little  difficult..

With the drop in temperatures, what better topic to teach than the clothes we need to keep warm when we go out to play?

So that, we teach the words the we use in our daily life and we will be using the words related to how to dress for the cold for months to come: January and February.

Here , you can see a song to share at home to practice with these terms!Are you ready?

And since we are living in  «Winter temperatures»  we have decided to sing and dance with a fun penguins to warm up over the long week!

Happy weekend!

Teachers Bárbara & Ana.



The winter is already here! We’re learning about some the weather typical in WINTER: windy, snow, rainy, stormy , sunny , cloudy and cold .In addition we have gestures and codes for each word .

We have fun with songs,stories about winter and of course with those  activities which we can try different textures : cotton, eva foam, aluminum foil…

If you want to indentify  How’s the weather ? you must pay attention and listen carefully to   the next video.Are you ready?

Finally, we cannot forget our adventure friends with whom we cannot stop laughing STEVE AND MAGGIE!

To be continue…What do you wear in winter?

Follow us and you will find out!

Teacher Bárbara and Ana 

Winter : Christmas is coming!!

Dear families,

Christmas is near and the enthusiasm is growing fast amongst our children. To celebrate this period of the year, we have learnt a song called «Snowflake» and some vocabulary related to Christmas and toys.

«It’s a time for giving, a time for getting, A time for forgiving and for forgetting. Christmas is love, Christmas is peace»

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! 

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Teacher Bárbara & Ana.