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Fantastic creatures visited the Green Class!

Hello everyone!

The green class shows daily how much they enjoy learning English. They really like challenges and act like “primary school children”. We are learning during this weeks about fantastic creatures and fantasy world.

They have chosen each one a fantastic creature (the choice was limited to 6 different fantastic creatures: an unicorn, a troll, an ogre, a fairy, a wizard, a princess or prince).

We each chose a fantastic creature and acted out that character using dressing up clothes and a bit of imagination. The children  have made shadow puppets of their chosen creature and we have take our time to play using the light from the projector. What a wonderful theatre!

Now that carnival is approaching, we have been revising all sorts of monsters and creepy creatures (and costumes, of course!). They love to find it useful to comprehend and decode.

I wish you all a happy CARNIVAL party tomorrow!



Dear families,

Happy New Year!

This second term we have started learning more about our relatives: daddy, mummy, sister, brother and baby.

Children love this unit and there are lots of activities, games and songs related with the family they can connect with.

The Green class is enjoying acting out like families, making role plays games and finger theatres.

Take care and see you soon!


Green class: parts of the face and body

Hello everyone!

Though we still have about a week working on this topics, I wanted to let you know how fun it is to learn about sounds and phonics in English. They now can say words with «S», «A» and «T» sounds. Besides this, they have also learned the different parts of the face and body.

We´ve been learning about the parts of the body through the bean bag song. We sing and dance, carrying the bean bag on our head, our shoulder, our foot, our leg, our back and our arm. It´s lots of fun when we try to sing and dance at the same time!

They had real fun singing and dancing some body songs, but what they really loved is to play Simon Says while they learned some body parts and some actions related to them («Simon says ‘Touch your nose‘!, etc.)

See you soon,


Green Class

Hello everyone!

In the green class, we are learning soooo  many things and soooo fast. We follow our English routine everyday in class and that helps us to feel confidents and ready to learn.

We have been busy reviewing colours and numbers from 1 to 10, playing games and singing and dancing a lot!

We rock in the Green class!!

After that, Halloween was our main occupation and our little ones absolutely love this English holiday.

We are learning a lot about phonics and we adore Alphablocks in every single version!

Do not hesitate to check up this history at home with the kids: I am pretty sure that their laughs when they see the dancing rat will make your days!

Autumn is here and we are having fun! In class, we share stories, read books, make pictures,  talk about autumn and the change in weather, dance,  jump in a pile of leaves, sing and enjoy learning.

And on top of it, Mr Autumn has visited us from far far away to bring us leaves to play with and to tell us great adventures.

We have been very occupied telling the rain to go away and to let us play (we needed to figure out that the rain didn’t let us play outside, but with our wonderful imagination everything is easier hehehe).

During next weeks we will be learning about the human body and the parts of the face.

Have a nice week, Green Class!


Have a wonderful Summer, Green Class!

Hello dear families!

This is the last entry of this year!

During the last weeks, we have been revising many of the topics studied during this year, and also playing a lot while continuing learning about the summer in English class.

I was so impressed to discover how much they have learnt since we are together and I am absolutely confident that they are ready for English classes in Year 1!

Ready, steady, goooo for Year 1!!!

But, before…. Enjoy, play, swim, eat some ice-cream and be happy!

I hope that you all really enjoy your summer vacation! See you in September!

All the best,