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Happy Summer, Year 1!

Hello Year One!

The term is almost over and I am very proud of you as we learned a great deal together and from each other. Thank you, Year One, I am so lucky for having you all at Alqueria during this time together.

Here your favourite summer song to keep you practicing and rocking all summer long until September!

Ready, steady, goooo for Year 2!

But before… you all deserve a wonderful rest and lovely summer!

See you in September, take care!!


Have a wonderful Summer, Green Class!

Hello dear families!

This is the last entry of this year!

During the last weeks, we have been revising many of the topics studied during this year, and also playing a lot while continuing learning about the summer in English class.

I was so impressed to discover how much they have learnt since we are together and I am absolutely confident that they are ready for English classes in Year 1!

Ready, steady, goooo for Year 1!!!

But, before…. Enjoy, play, swim, eat some ice-cream and be happy!

I hope that you all really enjoy your summer vacation! See you in September!

All the best,


Happy Summer holidays, Red Class!

Hello dear families!

During the last weeks, we have been doing funny games to revise what we have learnt during this year. We repeated some of our favourite games and sang some of our favourite songs.

We have been also focused on the topic of the Summer and learned a lot about this season. We love Summer in the Red Class!!


I hope you all have an amazing summer!

See you soon, take care!

All the best,


Happy Summer, Orange Class!

Hello everyone!

Here the last entry of this school year and I just wanted to thank you for letting us be part of your kids’ learning journey.

During the last two weeks we have been focusing on the the topic of SUMMER, and … now that it has officially arrived since yesterday… enjoy, play, swim, eat some ice-cream and be happy!

Below our favourite summer song to help Mr Sun in appearing during these days (we have even invented a dance for that and it was soooooo funny!) and a «yummy» song about ice creams!


All the best,