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From the GARDEN  to the FARM

Dear families,

I love spring!

The sun is out                                  The grass is Green

It’s a lovely day                               It’s time to play

Birds are singing                            Flowers blooming


Our red group has enjoyed with colors of spring , the insects that we see in the GARDEN  for example : ladybug, bumblebee, bee,ant, grasshoper, butterfly , beetle and spider.

We went from the GARDEN  to the FARM and create our own farm.

Do you want to meet our friends?There it goes!

See you soon! Bye bye!

Teacher Bárbara 



¡Emociónate con las emociones!

Los rojitos hemos decidido viajar al maravilloso mundo de las emociones y experimentar como se siente nuestro cuerpo cuando nos sentimos HAPPY, SAD, ANGRY, DISGUSTED and SCARED y atención con nuestras expresiones faciales!!




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En esta actividad tan especial hemos identificado las emociones con colores utilizando material  familiar, tangible y manipulativo como son los cubos del patio de infantil y globos de colores… y solo había que ver sus caritas para darse cuenta de  lo emocionados y motivados que estaban con la actividad, disfrutando a la vez de un día espléndido alrededor del árbol reunión.

See you soon!


How do you feel today?

Dear families,

Feelings and emotions is an important part in our daily lives and children should learn to identify how they feel to help them react better to different situations.

They can be taught not only positive emotions such as happy, surprised, relaxed but also negative emotions such as sad, scared, disgusted, angry , hungry and sleepy at an early age.

It’s a good experience to learn about Feelings and Emotions for kids , watch our Inside out ! They love this video, it’s very fun!

Whe pronouncing words of emotions, parents should be happy to smile with children.By combining facial expressions with pronunciation is better and fun!

Without a doubt, the best moment in class was  When they had to create the monster of emotions…There are a lot of original names!


I hope you enjoy it!

Teacher Bárbara












Dear families,

We’re learning about the wonderful world of shapes!CIRCLE, SQUARE, RECTANGLE, TRIANGLE,DIAMOND,HEART AND STAR 

We have created Mr.Circle, Mr.Square and Mrs.Rectangle.In addition , we have learn a lot of with activities where they have to identify shapes and colors with board games like BINGO

Of course, there are a lot of songs that help us ! but our favorite songs are:

And our story about shapes called: «A BEAR HUG»

If you want to see the character that we are going to create with geometric figures , you have to visit us in the next blog entry….You can not lose this!

See you soon!

Teacher Bárbara 

Where is my toy? Christmas Time

Dear families,

In the red class we have been working on the wonderful world of toys with Steve and Maggie .In addition, we have created ourmini book of toys : doll, ball, robot,blocks, teddy bear, train, car , plane …

Santa Claus is coming , the Red class has worked a lot , he will surely bring many presents.We are a little nervous  and you?


It’s time to decorate our house and Masha and the Bear can help us ! It’s exciting and fun! Are you ready?

Let’s go to sing Christmas Carol!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Teacher Bárbara .