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Hi, everyone!

During this week, we have continued working on BUGS! The children can now identify and name some of them, and sort them according to their color or size.

One day, they fancied playing with the hoops, so we had a VERY FUNNY session of physical activity in English, using some action verbs (jump / go / stop / sit down / stand up), our class BUGS and the hoops!

We also had time for relay races and singing some songs!

We had a great time in English!

See you next week!


Orange Class

Hi everyone!

The kids in the Orange Class have been learning many interesting things about the parts of the body during last week! We played a funny game were everybody wanted to touch the monster’s nose!

We sang our songs and watched a funny story about a very optimistic cat in order to revise colours and clothes! Do you want to watch it again at home?!



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See you next week!


Red Class

Hello, everyone!

Taking advantage from the previous weeks’ work with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, we moved quickly to learn about sizes: Big, Small and Tiny are words that we now know pretty well!

We played a pairs game that we really enjoyed, where we had to find who had the same card.

We also had so much fun when we played a music game where we had to clap our hands or stomp our feet depending on the word the teacher said. We made such a funny orchestra!

Oh! And look how we enjoyed dancing and playing the Musical Statues game while singing a song about the different colours!


See you next week!