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Year 1 – AN OCTO-RAY!

Dear families,

this week, we have continued working on the Sea Animals topic in Year 1, together with our English phonics and every week’s questions and answers rounds and groupal games, so that the kids keep improving their communicating skills.

In the picture below, you can take a peek at one of this week’s activities, where every kid had to run, by turns, all over the class, singing some of the songs we already know (the days of the week, the numbers, the months, etc.) The rest of the kids sitting down had to help him/her, so that everyone participated and had a chance to revise their acquired knowledge with the group’s help.

We also started creating our own magical Sea Creature, by mising up two of our favorite sea animals! For example, we have created an OctoRay (octopus and manta ray) , or a JellyStar (jellyfish and starfish) !!! Next week, we will make the English presentation of our creature, we are preparing such incredible drawings! Do you want to have a look at some of them?! 😉






Here you can find a funny guessing video to help them revise at home!

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See you next week!