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Green Class

Hello everyone!

In the green class, we are learning soooo  many things and soooo fast. We follow our English routine everyday in class and that helps us to feel confidents and ready to learn.

We have been busy reviewing colours and numbers from 1 to 10, playing games and singing and dancing a lot!

We rock in the Green class!!

After that, Halloween was our main occupation and our little ones absolutely love this English holiday.

We are learning a lot about phonics and we adore Alphablocks in every single version!

Do not hesitate to check up this history at home with the kids: I am pretty sure that their laughs when they see the dancing rat will make your days!

Autumn is here and we are having fun! In class, we share stories, read books, make pictures,  talk about autumn and the change in weather, dance,  jump in a pile of leaves, sing and enjoy learning.

And on top of it, Mr Autumn has visited us from far far away to bring us leaves to play with and to tell us great adventures.

We have been very occupied telling the rain to go away and to let us play (we needed to figure out that the rain didn’t let us play outside, but with our wonderful imagination everything is easier hehehe).

During next weeks we will be learning about the human body and the parts of the face.

Have a nice week, Green Class!



Hello families!

I hope you are well! It is been a while since our last communication, but your kids are my priority!

During lasts weeks we have learned and played a lot!

We have been learning the shapes and playing many fun games related to this topic. The kids on the Red Class have also made shapes with their own bodies and we have had such a good time while playing!

After that, we  designed our own monsters and revised the colours and the parts of the body!

We  decided how many eyes, mouths, ears and noses our monsters were going to have by rolling a die.

Following the monster creation, the Red Class has been completely  immersed in an exciting fantasy world along with princesses, dragons, knights, ogres and castles!

This is been our favourite story and the class  decided to dress up in order to do a play! The result was amazing, bravo!

See you soon!


Green Class

Hi, everyone!

Do you know what’s the funniest thing of the English Class in our Green Class? The fact that we can use it to play and learn whatever we want!

For example, last week we rolled the dice to practice counting from 1 to 10, also to revise the colours!

We sang some songs about the animals. and we made some beautiful hand-made puzzles that you’ll see at the end of the term!

We also devoted some time to continue learning about the English phonics with some interesting videos! Let’s watch them again at home!


We always have so much fun!

See you soon!


Numbers in Green and Red class

Although in a different way, Red and Green classes have been working around numbers from 1 – 10. Here is the song that has accompanied us and we will all love to hear again:

Aunque de forma diferenciada, las clases Roja y Verde hemos ido explorando los números de 1 a 10. Esta es la canción que nos ha acompañado en estas pasadas sesiones y nos encantará volver a escuchar: