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Learning about our family in Year 1

Dear parents,

These past weeks we have been working in the family members.

We have sung while we learnt some of the family members, played some card and memory games, done lots of interactive activities, and, by the end of the week, everyone drew and presented their family to the rest of the class (it’s incredible how fast they learn!).

These 2 weeks we are going to learn more phonics. The sounds they can link together to read are:




And we will start with the /AI/ sound too.

Let’s rock, Year 1!

Take care,


Red class

Hello dear families,

The Red Class is on a rocket! Our routines in English class let us treat such different topics each day, as the weather or the feelings.

Besides that, we are also starting playing with Jolly Phonics, looking for the letters  in the floor is so funny!

We continue talking about the autumn and, of course, reading books every day. It looks like Pete the Cat is going to be our new classmate this year! We absolutely love him in the Red Class!

See you soon,


Orange class

Dear families,

I hope you are doing well! We are almost entering the final stretch of the school year and our little learners from the Orange Class have enjoyed all the activities during the last weeks.

We did not want to miss the opportunity to benefit our garden and park to learn and study the spring and the bugs and all the natural events that the spring brought to us.

We played games, made role-plays and we had to “fish” the insects as well in the class! (Fake insects, by the way).

We also made a spring scavenger hunt in our park! It was so funny and we found out many spring elements such as puddle, ants, leafs and sunshine.

Here some songs they love to mimic and dance:

Then we had to prepare ourselves to visit the school farm so we started learning more about the farm animals in English: sheep, cow, pig, rabbit, duck, cat, horse, dog…

We played several games to identify which animals live in the farm and which animals live in the jungle or in the sea…

We read some books about farm animals and sing along many songs!

Our Orange class is willing to learn, it is incredible!

Old McDonald’s farm has also been a central key to us during this topic so we sing his song along together during all our English lessons. We also had a “stick farm” to hide the farm animals inside and let the other kids in the class guess our hidden animal using sounds! It was really funny!

Steve and Maggie’s videos seem to be so interesting for our kids so we used this one to learn more facts about farm animals:

During the next weeks, we will be focus on the summer topic, getting ready for our holidays 🙂

And… Last but not least… we are glad to announce you that we have started our learning about phonics in English while dancing and singing along with the song below!

We love start or finish our English lessons with this song and playing fun games while learning how to pronounce the phonics in English!

See you soon!


Green class

Hello dear families,

We hope you are having a nice week! Here an update of our kids progress in the Green Class.

Our little learners are willing to learn English and they enjoy the lessons as well as me!

During lasts weeks we have been working on classic English tales such as “The three little pigs” or “The three Billy goats”.

We enjoy our story time moments and we appreciate the time we pass reading together.

We use the books as a line to make activities, free drawings and a looooot of games in the classroom (including vocabulary games, board games or role-plays activities).

Here some of the videos we have watch during these lessons:

As we needed to get ready for our trip to Parapanda, our Green Class has started its study about the farm animals. We have such a good time while learning! We made dances, we sang along and made our own farm animals fingers puppets to dance while singing!

From the beginning of this short 3rd term, we are progressing in our learning about phonics and we are working on group 4 and we have just started group 5, incredible!

During next weeks we will «be immersed» in the deep blue sea in order to know more about the sea animals and, of course, about the summer and the beach or the pool 🙂

Finally, I share with you our Alphablocks moments, for which we try to have a short time during our busy week 🙂

Below a collection of some funny moments:

See you soon,



Hello everybody!

It’s Lola again, I hope you are well!

These past weeks have been amazing getting to know your kids!

We now know  each other very well as we spend a lot of time together during the week for our English classes and I see them in the park every day, as well.

Below is a summary for you of what we have learned from the end of February in the Green Class.

We started our connection during the Carnival week at Alqueria and we made our own animal masks to dress up!

We have also revised the numbers that we previously knew and we also learned new ones until 20 through different games and songs. They love to sing along!

We have played a bingo game and we also done a «number hunt». We had a good time!

Also,  we have been using Jolly Phonics to learn and practice the letters sound in English and they love to sing the songs related to these sounds while doing the actions!

We are even able to recognize some of the sounds and to turn them into letters, wow!!

Our kids on the Green Class have built a di with the sounds of the 1st Group and played a game using it.

We use Jolly Phonics when we have difficulties with a particular sound or word in English to make it easier to our little learner ears!

Our next topic was a very interesting story about a Brown Bear. He sees a loooooot of things, including a teacher! It make us laugh at each time that we read aloud the book together.

We have played role games with some head bands and done a play using puppets. It has been so much fun!

See you soon,