Hi families!

There are a lot of different opposite words  that can be used every day by kids that can help them to  not only describe people but also different things around them.

Now , let’s see some basic opposite words  through a song which can be taught to kids  if they have just started to learn them. The opposites Song Kids TV 123

Also, they have created their own bingo. It’s an easy game. Kids need to make associations and connections to learn new vocabulary.

Each child has  a Bingo card. The calling cards have an opposite word, and tokens are then placed on the players’ card  when named.

It’s Opposites Bingo! This game is very exciting for them!

Opposites Bingo Printable Bingo Cards Bingo Game Download | Etsy España

Bárbara and Nina


Hi everyone!

One of the most basic topics of conversation is the  weather! For this reason, it seems like a discussion that you can’t get away from! It’s also an easy way to start a conversation with some simple weather  phrases in English. Also, we remembered vocabulary about the seasons and the months of the year.

To learn more about «The weather»  for kids watch  our song  How’s The Weather?  Super Simple Songs

Also, they have created their own «Wheel of the weather» , which is very useful to introduce the new day with the questions such as, How ‘s the weather like?, How ‘s the weather today?What day is it?, What are the seasons of the year?, What season is it? These routines are essential for children.

Enjoy our great Wheel of the weather!

Weather Wheel - CleverPatch | Wheel craft, Preschool art, Kids learning ...

Bárbara and Nina


Hello everyone!

Feelings and emotions play a big part in our daily lives and children  should learn about how they  feel to help them react better to different situations.They can be taught positive and negative emotions such as happy, sad, disgusted,angry, scared,hungry and sleepy  at  an early age.

To learn about Feelings and Emotions for kids, watch our  Feelings and Emotions Song  for Kids, Fun Kids English Youtube

When  pronouncing words of emotions, parents should be happy to smile with children. By combining facial  expressions with pronunciation is excellent and fun.

Without a doubt, this is his favorite video, they really enjoy watching it! Inside Out Emotions and Feelings Youtube

I hope you  enjoy it!