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English and French Years 1, 2

Hi everyone! First of all, I wanted to show you my apologies for not having updated the blog during the last days -as you already know, I’ve just arrived to the school and needed some lessons about how the blog works (thanks, Lindley and Isa!)

Now that I’ve learned some basic steps (hopefully I will get used to it as I practice with these first messages), I wanted to tell you what we’ve been doing during these last two weeks in class.

Let me start with French 🇫🇷🥐

After having made a small revision of what they already know in French (yes! They already know some french words even in Year 1, as we have some similar words in French and Spanish (croissant, chef, chalet, gruyère… and they showed a lot of interest when they discovered these similarities!), we moved to the Autumn. We played the Autumn Bingo -which they loved- and listened to some French songs (they always ask for this one, they love to sing and dance!):

As for English, I will only talk today about Year 1, as Lindley already posted an entry some days ago about Year 2 🙂

We have been learning the school supplies and then linked the subject with the colours. This allowed me to discover how much English they all already know!

They loved every single media we used during these two weeks, so I’ll leave here some of them:


And this one for the colours! They love it and they also revise some basic vocabulary like lemon, apple, frog… 🙂

See you in this space again soon!