Year 1 and Year 2: «Thanksgiving Day»

Hello everyone and happy Thanksgiving Day!!!!!

According to the North American tradition, at Alqueria we have celebrated Thanksgiving Day. For Lindley it is the most special day of the year. They commemorate the day Native Americans and Europeans sat down together to share a feast that lasted for 3 days in 1620. Europeans arrived to Plymouth Rock and didn’t know how to grow vegetables or how to hunt. Native Americans taught them and they were thankful for that. Nowadays, there is a beautiful feeling about this day and families and friends gather together to share a very special meal with turkey, sweet potatoes, corn, pumpkin pie, stuffing, cranberry sauce… HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

PS: Children have created their own Thanksgiving tree and have left their messages hanging on it. Lindley has brought mini-pumpkin pies with cream to share with students. Thank you, Lindley.

Débora Membrive and Lindley Mc Carthy



Year 2: Actions, phonics and tricky words

Hello everyone!

Year 2 is flying! They are so motivated and relaxed learning that they acquire knowledge at great speed. We are now focused on actions, phonics, reading, and tricky words.

¡Sengundo va que vuela! Están tan motivados y relajados para el aprendizaje que adquieren el conocimiento a gran velocidad. Estamos enfocados en las acciones, fonética, lectura y palabras on truco como las siguientes:




See you soon!

Débora and Lindley


Year 1: Rainbow and phonics

Hello everyone!

These past 2 weeks we are learning about the colours of the rainbow and the reasons why it appears in the sky. They have learned so much about it.

Moreover, we are advancing fast in phonics and reading. We already know groups 1, 2 and 3 and we are working on /AI/ sound.

¡Hola a tod@s!

Estas últimas dos semanas estamos aprendiendo los colores del arcoiris y los fenómenos se dan para que ocurra. Estamos aprendiendo mucho.

Además, estamos avanzando a buen ritmo con los sonidos, decodificación y lectura. Ya hemos aprendido los grupos 1, 2 y 3 y ahora vamos con el sonido doble /AI/.

See you soon,

Débora Membrive y Lindley McCarthy


Green class: Rain rain go away and hide and seek

Hello everyone!

We are learning soooo  many things and soooo fast. Autumn is here and we are having fun! In class, we share stories, read books, make pictures, read 3 sounds together (even more), talk about autumn and the change in weather, dance, sing and enjoy learning.

¡Hola a tod@s!

Estamos aprendiendo tantooooooooo y tan rápidooooo. El otoño ha llegado por fin y nos lo estamos pasando genial. En clase, compartimos historias, leemos libros, hacemos dibujos, leemos 3 o más sonidos juntos, hablamos del otoño y los cambios que está experimentando el tiempo atmosférico, cantamos, bailamos y nos encanta aprender…

See you soon!

Débora Membrive Góngora


Red Class: Autumn is here!!

Hello everyone!!

These past weeks we have been enjoying the change the weather has experienced dancing and singing traditional autumn songs, visiting the garden to jump on a pile of leaves and having a wonderful time. We have also learned about the animals and nuts that we can find in the forest nowadays.

¡Hola a tod@s!

Estas últimas semanas hemos estado divirtiéndonos con los cambios que ha experimentado el tiempo atmosférico cantando y bailando canciones de otoño, visitando el jardín para hacer una pila de hojas y saltar dentro de ella. Lo estamos pasando genial. También hemos aprendido sobre animales, frutos secos… que podemos encontrar en el bosque en esta época del año.

See you soon!

Débora Membrive Góngora