Year 1: Fieldtrip, clothes, animals… Happy Summer!

Dear parents,

It was amazing to share the experience of travelling alone in the fieldtrip. They are so mature and have such an increeeeeedibleeeeee interest in history and facts. I learn with them, literally!

Sleeping outside, sharing bedroom, approaching the teachers outside school… has been the perfect compendium of growing up fast before year 2.

They have adored learning vocabulary about clothes, toiletries, animals on the farm… Enjoy summer guys!!!! You deserve it so much!

Débora Membrive


Green Class: Farm, suitcase and clothes. Summer is near!

Dear parents,

These past weeks we have been learning vocabulary about the animals on the farm, the clothes we need to bring to the fieldtrip and the different toiletties. They were so excirted about it!!! After arriving from the trip, we have started to learn about summer time and holidays!

Enjoy your freeeee timeeee,

Débora Membrive Góngora

Year 2: Phonics ai/ay/a-e. Getting ready for reading in English

Dear parents,

Our children are greatly improving their decoding of the English language (each one at his/her own pace). All of them are becoming more and more confident and they are deblocking the possible fears towards reading in another language they may have had before.

They feel so happy learning the «tricks». Here there are some videos to practice.

Lindley Mc Carthy and Débora Membrive