Orange class: toys

Dear parents,

These past days we have been learning the name of the different toys that we have and that we can play with. This is so much fun!!!! Car, doll, ball, train, rocking horse, dinosaur, unicorn, ship, plane…

We have enjoyed to play with cars, trains, balls, dolls, robots, dinosaurs… I hope you enjoy the songs at home.

Let’s go for Christmas now!

Take care and see you soon!


Green class: parts of the face and body

Hello everyone!

Though we still have about a week working on this topics, I wanted to let you know how fun it is to learn about sounds and phonics in English. They now can say words with «S», «A» and «T» sounds. Besides this, they have also learned the different parts of the face and body.

We´ve been learning about the parts of the body through the bean bag song. We sing and dance, carrying the bean bag on our head, our shoulder, our foot, our leg, our back and our arm. It´s lots of fun when we try to sing and dance at the same time!

They had real fun singing and dancing some body songs, but what they really loved is to play Simon Says while they learned some body parts and some actions related to them («Simon says ‘Touch your nose‘!, etc.)

See you soon,


Red class

Hello dear families,

The Red Class is on a rocket! Our routines in English class let us treat such different topics each day, as the weather or the feelings.

Besides that, we are also starting playing with Jolly Phonics, looking for the letters  in the floor is so funny!

We continue talking about the autumn and, of course, reading books every day. It looks like Pete the Cat is going to be our new classmate this year! We absolutely love him in the Red Class!

See you soon,