Dialogues in the Green Class

Hello Families-

It’s Lindley here and I was a guest teacher this week in the Green Class!  I absolutely loved teaching your children again–it has been a long time since I was their English teacher in the Yellow Class!  They have grown so much and progressed in their languge learning!

This week we reviewed the Hello Song.  Not only did we sing it, but we also took turns using the language in short dialogues in pairs.

The dialogues sounded like this:

A: Hello!

B: Hello!

A: How are you?

B: I´m good. (or I’m great.)  How about you?

A: I’m good.

Another dialogue we practiced was:

A: Hello!

B: Hello!

A: What’s your name?

B: I’m ……  What’s your name?

A: I’m ……  Nice to meet you.

B: Nice to meet you.

Of course, the students still need some prompting with some of the lines, (and sometimes we had to sing the lines to remember them!) but it was really exciting for them to have a conversation in English!  We will continue to practice!

Happy weekend!


PS. Here is the link to the song again so you can revise the conversations at home.


Reconnecting with my youngest students….

Hello families of the Orange class!

It’s Lindley here again!  What a pleasure to be with the orange class as a guest English teacher this week!

Though I see all the children in the park each day,  I was so excited to reconnect in the classroom with the children I taught in the Yellow class last year!  It has been a long time since I last saw them in March, and they have grown so much!

This week we reviewed the Hello Song and greetings in English.  We also practiced basic instrucions for English class with the Actions Song.  Here is it so that you can practice essential understanding for the classroom at home with «stand up, sit down.»

We also began to practice colors.  We watched some videos about colors, talked about colors in the classroom and finally we made monochromatic towers.  Each student asked for one color and repeated it in English to get their blocks for their towers.

Here are the songs to continue practicing at home.

What a wonderful week in the orange class!  Have a great weekend!



Gratitude in Year 2!

Hello Everyone!

We had a busy week in Year 2 English this week!  We did a little  bit of everything:

  1. Singing and dancing (with physical distance, of course!)

2. Revising Jolly Phonics and reading

3. Lots of talking about personal hygiene and English vocabuluary related to COVID, self-care and how we felt about confinement, the first things we did after confinement and how lovely it is to be back at school!

Here are some resources to revise at home!

Also we spent some time talking about GRATITUDE.  This is part of our self care plan.  We discussed that even though things are difficult due to the pandemic, and we feel we are missing so much, we have so much to be thankful for.

We also talked about recognizing those who help and give to us, and we can help and give to others.  Taking actions in these times helps us to feel better about the world.

To help us understand these BIG concepts, we read a story called THE GIVING TREE by Shel Silverstein.

Here is a short video version of the book to watch at home.

So many students commented that the Giving Trees in their lives are their families, friends and school.  We had some really touching conversations and I am inspired by the optimism in Year Two!

I am looking forward diving even deeper into English class with the children in the coming school year!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!



A Guest Teacher in the Red Class!


I had a lovely week with the children in the Red Class as a guest English teacher!

This week we reviewed greetings in English with the Hello Song.  Not only did we revise «How are you?»  «I’m fine,»  but we practiced adding other answers: «I’m hungry» (Tengo hambre), «I’m tired» (Estoy cansado), etc.  We will continue to review and practice more feelings to be able to express ourselves.

We also reviewed colors and had a dance party with this Bounce Patrol song!

Here are some songs to practice at home:

I loved reconnecting with the Red Class!

Have a great weekend!


Important Vocabulary for the 2020 School Year

Hello families of Year One-

It was a real pleasure to be the guest English teacher in Year one this week and to see all the children who I’ve missed so much since MARCH!

This week in Year One English, we revised useful English vocabulary for the class room.  We also established three rules for class:

  1. Raise your Hand
  2. Show respect to all
  3. Follow all Directions.

We talked about these rules in English and Spanish and discussed why each of these rules are important and will help us have a healthy, happy classroom all year long.

We also reviewed English vocabulary relevant to COVID and personal hygiene.  We discussed how important it is to «gel in and gel out» of class, why we need to wash our hands and wear our masks.

Here are some of the materials we looked at in class to discuss these topics.

Looking forward to more time in Year One!

Have a wonderful weekend!