Aidan en Alquería

¡Hola! Me llamo Aidan. Soy de Estados Unidos de Rumson, una ciudad de Nueva Jersey. En Estados Unidos yo voy a la escuela llamada «Holy Cross», pero ahora estoy en una escuela de Granada que se llama «Alquería», en la clase de sexto.
Voy a estar aquí dos meses para practicar español. Voy a intentar hablar mucho con mis compañeros y maestros para mejorar mi español. Hasta ahora, mi primera semana está siendo divertida.


There are some differences in my school from this one though. For example, the days here at this school are 2 hours longer than the ones at my school. But a change can be good sometimes. Another thing about this school that I think is cool is that we have gym for an hour every day but Monday. We also get two well timed breaks during the day to play or relax. Maybe both. It is nice being here. I get to have the chance to be exposed to a different language and to practice it more. More importantly, I get to meet new people and see different places that I have not seen yet here in Spain. I think this trip is going to be a great experience and will somehow benefit me later in life.